Friday, November 08, 2013

IBF GB Judo Live and Kicking

IBF GB Judo Live and Kicking

Once again Facebook starts an inaccurate rumour, which was started in Holland and perpetuated in England. This time it was that the IBF GB no longer offers Judo as part of its disciplines, why was this suggested? The IBF Multi Nation Open Judo Championships were to be held in Scotland but were cancelled because the venue in Dumfries was to be closed for refurbishment. The event has now been moved to Enschede Holland, the birthplace of the IBF, the home town of IBF Founder Peter Schonewille 10th Dan. Because of this the rumour mill started

IBF GB as has other Martial Arts Organisation experienced a down turn in membership and also a lack of interest in Judo Competition. Yet 80% of our membership is still Judoka and out of that 80% a great majority participate in Sombo and Kurash.

This year we have seen Judo Tournaments in Sittingbourne, Faversham, Bedford, Folkestone and Scotland although not large events they were well supported. IBF GB have clubs around England, Scotland and Northern Ireland which organise their grading’s for Juniors and Seniors. The Annual Summer Course held in Sittingbourne was a great success with many Judo Dan Grades being achieved.

So as you can see IBF GB Judo is alive and kicking but one does wish people would get their fact right. Yes the next Judo Tournament will be in Bedford in February organised by the IBF Club Bedford Grappling Academy 

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