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Russian Web Mag interviews Mr Shestakov

This is an article on Sambo taken from a Russian Web Magazine

FIFA World Sambo , who in November was in St. Petersburg, was the most ambitious for the forty-year history . During the anniversary year of the sport came to fight for medals 600 athletes from 75 different countries. Victory in the team standings confidently won the Russian national team . But experts note : level Sambo has grown significantly and in other countries. Why this sport is rapidly gaining in popularity ? What ended the attempt to make a revolution in the International Federation of Sambo ? What are the chances of this sport to get into the Olympics ?
On this and many other "Fontanka" questioned President FIAS, a State Duma deputy Vasily Shestakov .

"Sambo interesting other types of martial arts "

- Any major sports event - it is a marathon length of a few days. Is it easy to competitions was given in St. Petersburg?

- We're as ready for it . This year in general for the International Federation of Sambo was heavy. Here and World Martial Arts Games and Universiade , and reporting congress election , many different competitions. Fatigue is not, but there is a feeling that did a good job . It is estimated that sounded very decent level. Really was a lot of work . That's just before your visit , I took leadership of the Federation of Sambo Mongolia. Meetings continue , everyone wants to talk , everyone has their problems . Someone needs financial assistance to someone methodical . There's no way , otherwise Sambo world will not develop .

- How can I solve the financial problems of one's Sambo Federation ?

- First, we study the problem , look at how we can help . We have a support system federations. For example, we constantly send gratis carpets, Tops , Jackets, Shorts - your entire outfit. Such a decision we made on the executive committee of the FIAS. Help from the funds that are generated by sponsorship contributions. In those countries , where a sambo, find partners. So , we managed to do it in Italy, England and other countries. And it gives the result. For example, in Italy , near Milan , on the shore of the lake in a beautiful location will be built Sambo center where athletes will train . Sambo in Italy and so well developed , and then get a new boost.

- Where else Sambo gaining popularity ?

- Surge of interest in Sambo observed in principle. Here's a simple example. Earlier on Pan American continent was only one country - Venezuela , which has arrived at the World Championships and other competitions Sambo . Pan American Championship now gathered 26 countries , and the fight was interesting. In Asia, a strong interest in sambo, they engaged in 35 countries. In Africa - about 20 countries . Naturally, there is interest in sambo in Europe. FIAS Congress on we had 86 major and about 9-10 countries - candidates for the federation . This suggests that the demand for Sambo grows. And it's understandable. Sambo - a dynamic and exciting sport with a wide range of techniques. In other kinds of combat rules change , reduce technical arsenal . For example, in judo snag legs , wrapping her , "scissors" was removed. Sambo we change nothing . All these techniques we have. This gives additional impetus to the struggle and interest, so people come to the podium .
Frankly, we were afraid that the World Cup will not come viewers as spoiled fans in St. Petersburg various sports competitions . But the hall was full, that we are very pleased . People enjoy watching fights. I think that is the main indicator that Sambo can and should get into the program of the Olympic Games , to become a permanent member of the International Olympic Committee.

- That's what we 'll talk . Let's talk about the last championship of the world. Judging by your reaction , you are happy with how it went ?

- Yes, Russia ranked first . But I, as president of the international federation , to pay more attention to how many countries have taken away the medals. Every year the situation is improving. This time the coin was taken about twenty countries. Besides the traditionally strong teams - Russia , Belarus , Bulgaria , Mongolia - and distinguished France, Italy , Venezuela , a girl from Israel won. I am glad that Sambo in these countries do not just eat them engaged and show significant results .

- Nevertheless, the tournament was not so smooth . For example, Ruslan Gasanhanov , who plays for Russia in protest did not fight , and then, as eyewitnesses , showed the audience an obscene gesture . The athlete will be punished somehow ?

- These episodes happen. I can not say that makes calling Gasanhanov act. This emotion. Athlete refused to go on the carpet , did not admit defeat , but went on rewarding . The Russian national team will hold a meeting , disassemble incident . Certainly be sanctioned disciplinary nature . However, what they are, I do not know . I would not focus on this episode. I believe that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. We assume that there was a regrettable mistake. Nevertheless debriefing will . In general, the competition went smoothly , successfully . We sat , worried that something is going wrong there , it's not so , here I want to be different. But in the end my colleagues said that the organization was at a good level .

- What are you so worried ?

- Somewhere announcer announced something wrong somewhere he podzatyagival time , especially the first day of competition. Although that was not anywhere to go, so we waited for the honorary president of the International Federation of Sambo , Russian President Vladimir Putin . He came , showed the world that the country's leadership support sambo, which is an interesting sport. Putin - himself a master of sports in sambo , Honoured Coach of Russia . All of this notice for his arrival Sambo added a lot of pluses .
"The chances to join the IOC good"

- Do I understand correctly that Sambo is positioned as Russia's national sport?

- No . This is absolutely not true. Because if we position Sambo as the national sport , the IOC to us and will treat it the Russian sport , interesting only in Russia, but nobody else is needed , and therefore will not recognize you . On the contrary, we are positioning as an international Sambo sport that developed in many countries. Yes , we do not hide the fact that Sambo was born in Russia , Soviet Union . And the fact that it spins in our country - it is. We are doing everything to this sport we have been more popular . While here just untwist it is not particularly necessary. In our country, Sambo involved about 400 000 people ! I think Sambo in Russia is very popular.

- Everyone knows that Judo - Japanese sport , but that does not prevent him from being in the IOC.

- That's right. But no one says that a Japanese sport , and the more he does not belong to anyone . They did say that judo - international sport. We declare that Sambo was born in the USSR, when the arts were combined 15 countries , there were taken and created self-defense techniques without weapons .

- Okay, put the question differently. Sambo is unwound so that at the mention of Russia said: " Oh, so Russia - it's Sambo "! So ?

- Rather , it is about as Russian Sambo brand. Russia associated with ballet , space , advances in hockey, black caviar . In this series should be and Sambo. We do everything to make our sport was recognized. Four years ago, when I was elected president of the International Federation of Sambo , I came to a meeting with IOC President Jacques Rogge , and everyone thought Sambo - this is some Brazilian dance . I had to explain , show . Now, no one confuses people know that this is not a dance, but the struggle , the fight interesting . All four years of our work make me satisfaction because Sambo got all major multi-sport organization, except for the IOC. We became members of FISU - student is an international organization , we will participate in the European games, Asian Games , Pan Am plan . Participate in police games are negotiating to participate in the world championship among servicemen.

Now filed an application to the IOC for recognition as a form of combat sambo . Actively working on it , as the experts have any comments . For
example, we had no ethics committee , was not the gender principle in the formation of the executive committee . Now we have taken the executive committee of two women actively working with WADA media. We have a website that becomes more popular with each passing day . Before it went 1.5 - 2000 people a day . Now about 50,000 . And this is not the limit. When the World Cup was held , the site did not comply with the influx of visitors and collapses . On the day came to 100 thousand people. I have already instructed the technical services resource to withstand such loads . European TV shows us , cooperate with the International Federation of Sports Journalists , hold significant events - such as the presentation of Sambo in Kensington yard , in London, under the patronage of Prince Michael of Kent . Now, too, there are a number of ideas. The event will be an original , interesting for the media as it will take place in a symbolic place . I will not reveal the details, but it will be interesting !

- Do you have information as relates to Sambo new IOC President Thomas Bach ?

- Of course , I'll be talking to him about it. We are currently re-election of the members of the IOC Executive Board , management of European and Asian Olympic Committees . When this process is over , we will all meet and discuss . I am in constant contact with the IOC Sports Director Christophe Dubi . We support the country's leadership - not only Vladimir Putin , but Alexander Zhukov and Mutko . When Zhukov became the president of the Russian Olympic Committee , he first said that he would strongly promote the idea of joining the IOC in Sambo . We have established contacts with representatives of the Olympic Council of Asia and the European Olympic Committee - Sheikh Ahmad al- Fahd al- Sabah and Patrick Hickey . Therefore Sambo good chances to enter the IOC.
" In St. Petersburg, in the coaches are only 18 % of graduates '

- You say, and Putin said at the World Championships in Russia Sambo involved 400,000 people. Imposing figure . What "trick" Sambo ?

- Sambo teaches discipline , self-discipline , the ability to fend for themselves. And Sambo - not an aggressive sport. In the name of the mortgaged it self-defense without weapons . Of course, Sambo added popularity athletes such as Fedor Emelianenko , Oleg Taktarov , who have made an impact in mixed martial arts , MMA . In childhood, when we were growing up , were always a hassle fight. Always find out the relationship between them , who is stronger - boxers, karate , sambo . As a result, it became clear that Sambo - the most versatile sport , with a bright , entertaining . Because there sambo and striking techniques , wrestling and in contact , and suffocating , and locks . He who owns Sambo techniques , more chances to win the match on the carpet or the ring.

- What is the motivation of the parents to give the child in Sambo ? Many of them realize that football and hockey far more lucrative sport .

- Sambo can earn a living - there are tournaments K-1, K-2 , "Pride" , which is popular in Japan, South America, Europe . When performed Fedor , 16% of TV time in Japan occupied his fights . This is an incredibly huge amount for this country! Hall, seating 35,000 spectators , was always packed . Of course, he had good and fees . We even have a saying : "While the wrestlers were in the legs, sambo held in people ." Look : President - sambo . And wherever you look in the manual completely sambo . Do not let them have achieved good results , but doing Sambo. Sambo also an intellectual sport - teaches tactical maneuvers , beat partner not by force , but by combinations.

- More Sambo and tough sport. Especially martial - strikes , grappling, different techniques .

- Strokes and seizures are everywhere. I studied statistics and Ph.D. as I can tell , that traumatic Sambo worth a second and then a third in ten of all sports. Leaders of the possibility of injury - football and hockey. There are constantly encountered collision hassle athletes are injured , and heavy . When a newcomer comes into the hall , his first taught how to fall. For a long time , and even entire career samboists form Skill fall. When a person engaged in sambo, stumbles , falls , it does not get injuries , so how can be grouped . When a person goes to the mat prepared , injuries happen, but not often. Parents , of course, questions about stiffness Sambo asked. We conduct outreach policy. If we look at boxing, kickboxing , karate , we can conclude that Sambo is not the most aggressive sport. Our sport has nothing to do with aggression.

- In an interview, the first coach Anatoly Rachlin Putin lamented that in Russia judo are not that good prospects. Nope base, young coaches . I suspect that Sambo may be a similar situation. Am I right ?

- Well, we all have suffered losses as a result of the violent 90s, not only in sports but also in the economy. The staff shortage is still felt in different areas. And in sports , too . Coaching staff is aging , it is true , and there is a problem. A young do not really aspire to the profession , as it is necessary financial issue . In St. Petersburg, the coaching faculty at the University of Lesgafta Competition 10 people in place , but have come into the profession , only 18 % of the issue ! Others leave or business , security, or somewhere else. Unfortunately, the salary of the coaches is not as high . Although much depends on the regional authorities. For now do not pay federal appoint coaches in regional power . Where paid much attention to sports , it is good , for example in Moscow. Where the authorities are not very interested in sports or no ability to finance , the situation is different . While at the federal level constantly seeks to adequately pay the coaching work.

- That's why the head coach of the Russian judo team - Italian. You , by the way , a few years ago spoke very critically of the Gambia. After the furor judo at the Olympics in London , your opinion changed?

- I can not say that I criticized him . Criterion in any one trainer - result. In some ways, with Gamba disagreed believed that better if the team was engaged in the Russian coach . But the result came . You can say whatever you want , but in London Russia won three gold medals in judo, which has never happened before and it is unknown whether more . Therefore, we can say that Gamba - a talented coach .
"When I came , the Federation budget was only $ 1,000 "

- On the Internet walks movie in which Russian sambo wrestling show in tuxedos receptions before Elyon London. Suddenly ...

- In England, a great interest in Sambo. Previously it was a very good level , then there was a decline, and that's going through the Renaissance . The Association of the British Commonwealth headed by a member of the British Parliament , Lord Simon of Reading. Sambo interested Prince Michael of Kent , he was fascinated by the methods which have shown our athletes . The audience , the audience was delighted. Our presentation Sambo press responded well . I specifically made a compilation of English newspapers . There wrote that between Britain and Russia relationship has become cold , but Sambo - the first step towards each other . That is a kind of ambassador acted Sambo world. I was recently in Italy, spoke at the Italo- Russian economic forum , talked about aspects of the sport and the Russian Sambo , we showed a movie about Italian Sambo. Businesses have responded very warmly .

- Sorry, can not bind the London aristocracy and Sambo. In England, the popular boxing, football , cricket, high society is a fan of "Chelsea". And suddenly Sambo ...

- What 's so surprising ? The British are still bullies , like to drink , fight. High society not aliens , are people like everyone else. This seemingly they prim , cold , and when to talk to them , you know : the typical English! In England, enthusiastically embraced the idea to develop Sambo. There are interested in cooperation with Russia . Through sport easier to build a relationship, it's not politics . First, you can get close to the subject Sambo , and then find common ground on other topics .

- Last week, you met with Vladimir Putin. What did you talk to him?

- He wondered how many teams are participating in the world championship . I told him that we set a record , it is pleased. Putin delivered a welcoming speech , said Sambo - a spectator sport that deserves to be recognized by the IOC .

- It's no secret that you have a good relationship with the president. Remember the day when you meet him?

- Oh-oh- oh, it was so long ago ... Day of our acquaintance with him is no longer remember. Putin was coached by Anatoly Rachlin , I have another mentor. We met in the championship , " Labour" , performed well , became champions , got a team of society. And a relationship .



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