Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Robin to leave IBF, to start RedStar Budo



Robin Hyslop has been IBF Scottish President for well over 20 years and has been very happy in the job. Yet he feels now is time to move on as just dealing with Scotland is too restrictive for his abilities. Over the past 20 years Robin has travelled the World with his Sambo and with the IBF and in this time he has made many friends all who want to be linked and work with him. With the IBF system each country has a representative and they have to work within the parameters and borders of their country with regard to membership. Robin has felt for some time this is too restrictive for him. Some years ago he formulated RedStar Sambo, which is, affiliated to the governing body the British Sombo Federation, this has been a great success with him getting members from all over the UK, Europe and USA.

All this was done in consultation with IBF GB President Martin Clarke, who has known Robin since he was just a 1st Kyu Judo in 1978 they have been friends ever since and they will continue to be friends. IBF GB members will be allowed to enter RedStar Budo events and the IBF GB will reciprocate 

I wish Robin and RedStar Budo the best of luck and can see the formation of this new association will benefit all Martial Arts practitioners

Martin Clarke 
8th Dan Judo
6th Dan Jiu Jitsu
FIAS Sambo GrandMaster
IBF GB President

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