Sunday, April 03, 2011


IBF Multi Nation Judo Championships

This event is no longer a closed event this the first time since the IBF was founded some 40 years ago that this has happened. This decision was taken by International President F Niering without any consultation with IBF GB. IBF GB believes this is a retrograde move and asks why do IBF GB pay affiliation fees to the International Body? The President seems reticent in answering. What is even more insulting we are told if an IBF country doesn’t bring referees they will be fined, that may be understandable in a closed event but not in an open event. In fact IBF GB will not be sending a team several IBF Clubs will be sending fighters. For details of the competition go to the International IBF web site.

After complaining about the multi nations in Holland I was quite shocked by the lethargy shown by IBF members when it comes to competing. I am well aware that times are hard, fuel is expensive that is why the IBF and YJC are organising local competitions in smaller cheaper venues but we must learn to pull together. The Young Judo Club/Warriors Grappling Academy organising Fund Raising event such as Disco’s, Race Nights, Club Competition Waste paper collections that and the commission we receive from the IBF for selling membership helps our members. Recently Senior Judo members went to the top rating Belgium Open Keith Costa who is Chairman Fund Raising Committee helped sponsor the travel, those members attending the Multi Nations will given £1000 towards there travel in fact this will cover the mini bus and fuel, those members attending the British Open Sambo will have the majority of there accommodation paid for, we have spare mats so that we can start clubs in different venues. Our Judo club has about the same membership as other IBF Clubs, but show if there is a will there is a way. Everyone is aware Judo has been in decline for several years but it will not always be so one day it will rise again and IBF GB should be ready for that day.,

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