Monday, April 11, 2011

Judo Ne Waza

British Judo Association

Kent Championships Dartford

Sunday April 10th

Just one member of the Young Judo Club participated in this even and that was Ben Franks who managed Silver and was selected for the Kent Squad. YJC Coaches who attended said that that the turnout was very poor, which seems a shame as 25 years ago Kent had the largest Judo membership in the country. They all thought the Junior Judo was of a high standard with lots of Ippon throws but the Adult section was of a very low standard as was the refereeing with some abiding by the new rules and some not.

The weekend prior to that Keith Costa of the Young Judo Club held a Ne Waza competition at the Swale Martial arts Club East Street Sittingbourne. Ne Waza means ground fighting so a competition that is only on the ground this went down a storm and everyone enjoyed it. Rolling around the ground instead of throwing has become very popular especially as Martial Arts Players seem not to be so robust as those of previous years and the throws which are more difficult to learn and apply need not be learnt. Therefore the throwing styles of Grappling such as Judo, Sambo, Pankration etc are no longer in vogue, only our own club which only does Grappling Arts which involve throws has a had a slump in numbers I am pleased to say has had a slight revitalisation with more Juniors and Adults attending classes. So much so we are thinking of starting a Grappling section for Juniors on a Saturday morning at Nobbys Gym Milton Regis.

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