Monday, April 18, 2011

Over Inflated

A friend of mine from the USA sent some details of some new Sombo Introductory tapes by someone who calls himself a Master of Sport in Sambo, now I am not going to mention his name or his product for two reasons 1) I have not looked at his films in depth so can not make a real comment, what I do know sometimes these people who promote and inflate their own ability can make some very good basic beginner films in the Combat Disciplines, so it may bring in some extra people to Sambo and once they see quality they will move on 2) I am not about to promote anything this gentleman does.

The little I saw of the film an introductory clip did not impress. The most important thing about promoting a Combat Sport is to use correct equipment these guys wore no Sambo Boots wore in correct Shorts and on one occasion wore a white jacket, straight away I am thinking what a bunch of amateurs.

If you want to learn Sambo try and go to a proper Club or look on YouTube there is thousands of clips you can learn from but if you want waste your money go ahead

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