Monday, April 04, 2011

Judo Coach under trial

I have been reporting over the last 18 months how a well known judo coach has been accused of child abuse some 35 years ago and I have said if he was found guilty he should be punished, but the problem with an accusation of child abuse is that you are guilty till you prove your innocence.

This coach was reported to his Association and they acted by suspending him from all judo activities and his club, which sadly is the correct procedure; subsequently he was reported to the police.

The police investigation took over a year and after a vigorous police enquiry the coach was not charged as there was no wrong doing. So you would have thought that the coaches Association would have said sorry, we have to investigate these things, and you are welcome back to the judo world.

NO. The Organisation decided they would continue the enquiry, he is still on the banned list.They have even employed a Private Investigator who is hounding players who knew the coach, to make up some stories! I believe that others have been phoned up by an Association employee, and almost encouraged to make statements against him, despite their positive responses.

The cost of all this must be extremely high, many thousands of pounds! They seemed determined to make the mud stick. So one must ask the question, was there alter motive to this rather dubious accusation?

One thing is sure, the members should ask why they are spending massive amounts of money on this witch hunt, chasing an unsubstantiated allegation, and maybe the people leading this campaign should be asked to resign from their well paid jobs, especially as they are employed to promote judo.

Coaches beware, do not be too friendly with children or parents, someone may be watching.

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