Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Commonwealth Cancelled/Russians ar Coming

The Russians are Coming /Commonwealth Championships Cancelled

The British Sombo Federation has cancelled the Commonwealth Sambo Championships with only 2 countries entering England and Scotland it would be pointless. Some have complained that it should go regardless but their reasoning is questionable as they are more interested in saying their students are Commonwealth Champions if we allowed this to happen it degrades all Commonwealth Sports.

Yet there is always a silver lining, when the BSF decided to try and run a Commonwealth Championships on behalf of FIAS there was always doubts of it success, so Robin Hyslops’s Redstar Sombo was prepared to run an event on the same day at the same venue. This is now the case and we have entries form England, Scotland, US, Holland and most importantly the European Sambo Federations have informed us they will sending a team of Russian Combat Sambo Players as well as referees. Robin is now preparing visa application for them.

So all those who have been moaning on face book about not having the chance to do Full Contact Sombo (Combat Sambo) here is your chance and maybe just maybe some of you will be able to compete for GB next year

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