Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sombo Equipment

I have just taken delivery of some excellent Reversible Jackets I have 25 of sizes 170/180/190 unlike the Blitz Jackets they are the same material at the single colour jackets price is £55

I have some single colour Jackets one Red 170 1 blue 170  2 size 180 in blue and red 5 190 in blue and red price £40

10 Blitz reversible size 200 £45 2 165 £45

Red Sambo Shoes £30 2 pairs of size 3 10 pairs 40 to 45

NEW Sombo Shorts with BSF logo suitable for Sombo, Swimming and General wear

£15 or 2 for £25 I have 20 pairs of each colour sizes L XL Xxl (They coming a size smaller)

I will be at the Red Star Sombo event in September and can take orders to bring with me alternatively I can send via post

contact me on

I have a Large Judo Cover for sale idea for MMA Comps 21m x 9m with 2 7 m x 7m fighting areas offers considered to make a new one like this would cost in access of £2000

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