Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Style Wrestling Great Judo-Taekwondo-Greco POOR

Free Style Wrestling Great Judo-Taekwondo-Greco POOR

As I have mentioned I was extremely disappointed with the Olympic Judo but tried to console myself with the fact that there was to be 3 mores styles of Combat to watch;

1st was Greco Roman Wrestling this has got to be more boring to watch then Judo, every match I watched went to the par terre position this where one wrestler is put on their hands an knees on the mat and the other is stood behind him and tries to turn him, you are put in this position when there is inaccativity When I first watched Greco some 20 years ago I seeing massive suplexes and hip throws not any more, Greco has gone the way of Judo with competitors relying on a penalty to win.

2nd was Taekwondo I first saw this at a Semi Contact Competition in Germany 40 years ago and it looked impressive as the rules of Semi – Contact suited this style of elaborate High Kicks and spinning kicks plus they were fast with their hands. Olympic Taekwondo is full armor with kicks and screams as for the arms you just as well cut them off, as they are never used cannot believe the Found of Taekwondo would be impressed with this. Mind you plenty of money to be made from this sport especially as they give Kids as young a Black Belt

3rd Free Style Wrestling what a joy to watch, different to Jacket Wrestling Sports like Judo, Sambo and Kurash but all action, no relying on penalties with this lot just get stuck in wrestle. Saw one great throw and the commentator had to use Judo Terminology for the throw, I found this quite insulting. Wonder why the BBC did not get someone who knew about wrestling rather then a Judo Commentator? Any rate watch it tonight and tomorrow a great sport

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