Friday, November 02, 2012

Children's MMA


Because of the success of the Adult MMA Grappling and MMA Combat Grappling classes on a Wednesday night at the Swale Martial Arts Club East Street Sittingbourne the Warriors Grappling Academy have decided to move into Children’s MMA.
MMA literally means Mixed Martial Arts and normally refers to Grappling or Strike & Grapple. MMA has been a Martial Arts phenomenon for the last decade mainly because it is totally unregulated, not recognised as a sport by UKSport and can be administered by anyone. So many unscrupulous people have jumped on the bandwagon to promote themselves and make a considerable amount of money.
The Warriors have deliberately been slow in using the word MMA until some organisations can offer a more regulated approach to the sport with CombatSombo International and FILA  (The International Olympic recognised body for Wrestling) getting involved and producing a coherent set of rules, Warriors have found they can get involved.
With many of these MMA Clubs being set up in garages and in a corner of a Fitness Gym, the standard of Instruction and safety has been wanting but there are many clubs who like the Warriors have competent Instructors, Training halls mats and insurance, it is always the incompetent ones who get the publicity.
CombatSombo International have devised a MMA Submission Grappling form while FILA has on the World Wide Scene developed the following:

FILA Combat Wrestling

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that incorporates striking (both standing and on the ground) and wrestling/grappling techniques. As governed by FILA, it is practiced within a safe and regulated environment, which relies on a fair and objective scoring system and competition procedures similar to those in force in Olympic wrestling.

FILA Grappling

Grappling is a non-striking hybrid sport formed of Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, Judo and many other submission fighting styles which consists in applying submission holds and choking techniques in order to make the opponent abandon the fight. Grappling plays an important role in the practice of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and is considered an effective form of self-defence.
Warriors Children’s MMA
The Academy know children want get involved in Martial Arts many still prefer the more traditional Jacket Wrestling Styles like Judo and Sombo but through the influence of Power Rangers etc. want to be able to kick, Punch plus grapple the problem has been how to do this in a safe, educational way?
The founders of the Warriors Grappling Academy were the Clarke Family who started their first Judo Club in 1957 and they have been dedicated to promoting all forms of Martial Arts not just as a Combat Discipline but also as a means educating and producing better human beings that is why they have been reluctant to get involved with MMA till now.
There form of Children’s MMA will consist of a mixture of Kickboxing and Wrestling there will be no submission i.e. Chokes, strangle or locks taught as these are far to dangerous for youngsters and all striking will be on a very light contact basis with no strikes to the head, most of the training will around using equipment. Every Child will have insurance cover and every Instructor will be qualified and have the relevant insurance cover. The starting age will be 8 years we still believe child 5, 6, 7 are better of doing Judo rather then doing any striking art and the Academy will continue its policy of not teaching children under the age of 5 years.
The class will be on a Monday night 7pm at the Swale Martial Arts Club and Coached by Michael Hutchinson

The Warriors Grappling Academy is affiliated to British Sombo Federation (UKSport recognised body} and the British Wrestling Association (UKSport recognised body}

Further information contact Martin Clarke 01795 437124- 07074

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