Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 year old in Tae Kwon Do fight

I have on many occasions criticised Martial Arts who teach Children to Kick and Punch under the age of 5 My own opinion 11 years of age would be a better age like Boxing but that will never happen because to many Martial Arts Coaches and Organisations are making money from these young people
You can not make excuses for teaching at such a young age as to learn to Kick and Punch is a violent act, the whole purpose is to learn to hurt and injure your opponent. As a person gets older their are many benefits of learning the control and discipline of a Striking Martial Art but to children as young as 3 is ridiculous some at that age still have difficulty controlling their bladder

Putting two children up to entertain adults in this way is disgusting, it may look funny but to me it is a form of child abuse

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