Monday, November 05, 2012

Important news for On Judo and Sombo


To All those who Coach Judo or are interested in Coaching Judo we will have our Annual meeting on January 13th at 11am at SMAC East Street Sittingbourne
Those who wish to take advantage of our Coaching Insurance are expected to attend as it is important to keep up to date, obviously if you are travelling great distance and have attended alternative course then you can send in your apologies
The session will cover how to run a tournament, Timekeeping and Recording plus there will be a review of Judo rules and their implication. This section is quite important as will be holding at least 4 major Judo tournaments in England in 2013 and we need officials plus you need to keep your students up to date. Also the floor will be open for discussion and practical demonstration if required. Judo is having a slight resurgent at the moment after years of a down hill slide so lets take advantage of it and get Judo back to where it belongs as a leading Martial Art
IBF GB President Martin Clarke 8th Dan will lead the meeting assisted by Trevor Davies 6th Dan, John Clarke 5th Dan, Colin Carrott 4th Dan, Keith Costa 4th Dan, Ian Parker 3rd Dan


Can I remind all BSF registered Coaches that they need to attend a Instructors course on an annual basis or officiated in a Sombo-Combat Sambo event please contact President Martin Clarke if you are interested in becoming a Referee

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