Friday, November 09, 2012

World Sambo first day

First Day World Sambo Championships
Minsk Belarus

The flight to Minsk was fairly reasonable but having to leave at 2.15 .am and arriving 5pm their time was a change at Warsaw was far from enjoyable. Minsk still has that atmosphere of a Soviet City.
The hotel is first class and as per usual the accreditation was a nightmare but John Clarke and Colin Carrott the ordeal well, lots of politics with many unhappy how Fias is run
Our only fighter today was Barry Gibson fighting Combat Sambo u100k, he had a hard draw fighting some one from Azabijan.  Barry came out full of confidence hitting his opponent hard who retaliates a with a thigh kick Barry caught the throw and threw him for 4pts. He then scored another 1pt. This was the first time any GB Combat Sambo player has had such a lead on an ex Soviet Player. They then went  to the ground and his opponent was underneath who applied a triangle strangle, this did not phase Barry who is also an experience Judoka. He realized that his opponent did not like being hit so he kept pummeling the ribs but this was a mistake as the strangle went and he had to submit. Disappointing as Barry to date has proved we Brits can give them a fight will have to wait tow see if he has chance of another match.

Russia wins 7 golds Gergia 1 Gold Belarus 1 Gold

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