Tuesday, November 13, 2012

John meets Fedor

John Clarke meets Fedor Emelianenko

John Clarke recently attended the World Sambo Championships in Minsk Belarus he was the National Coach for the British Team while there he met up with Fedor and spoke to him about MMA. Fedor is the most famous of all Martial Arts Players he is known all over the World in a recent TV Documentary he was asked is there any where in the World he is not known in a very humble way  he said I expect so but when pressed he could not think of one country where he has not been heard of and the reporter said they could not find any where he is not known. Fedor is most famous for his MMA record no other Martial Artist has been so successful, some say he more famous then Bruce Lee, whether that is true is debatable but one thing is for Fedor competed and won to become Famous while Bruce became a famous film star.

What a lot of people do not know is that Fedor started his career in Sambo the Russian National Sport and says it was Sambo that made him so successful plus hard work and dedication, he enjoys super star status in the Eastern Block countries and when he entered the Stadium at the World Championships the whole audience stood and cheered.

John said he was honoured to have been introduced to Fedor  and said it was because of him that he open his very succesfull MMA Club at the Swale Martial Arts Club.

For those that are interested in MMA they should contact John on 07825224940 0r ibfbcsa@gmail.com

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