Friday, May 10, 2013

Brain Haemorrhage on MMA player

MMA Player has Brain Haemorrhage

A young MMA Player who had done a few lessons in MMA at a club in Medway has been in hospital with a life threatening Brain Haemorrhage.


Simply bad supervision and Coaching it seems that this young man who only had a few lesson was matched in a training session with a  man of several years experience, he was hit with a full bodied punch to the side of the head. So the following questions should be asked
1) who made this extremely uneven matching?
2) why was full contact striking allowed in training?
3) why was there no head gear worn?
4) should a pupil with only a few weeks training be allowed full contact?
5) should contact to the head be allowed without safety equipment?
6) did the insurance, presumably the club had insurance, cover full contact sparing?
7) what qualification and insurance did the Instructor have?
8) was medical assistance called after the incident?

I continually warn people about MMA with no significant result


I have just had reports that people are knocking doors to try and encourage people to do MMA when asked they knew very little on the subject

MMA means mixed Martial Arts and can literally mean anything. There is no governing body for MMA so the it is open to abuse and become a money making tool for unscrupulous individuals. The nearest thing you have to a legitimate MMA is Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that incorporates striking (both standing and on the ground) and wrestling/grappling techniques. As governed by FILA, it is practiced within a safe and regulated environment, which relies on a fair and objective scoring system and competition procedures similar to those in force in Olympic wrestling. You will find more details of the International Governing Body for Wrestling Styles at
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
The British Wrestling Association is the Recognised FILA body in the UK and Warriors Grappling Academy based at Swale Martial Arts Club are members. There is just 5 registered Clubs in the South East.

So if some one comes to your door and asks you to do MMA or any Martial Art ask the following

1)   Are you a member of the BWA or British Sombo Federation or relevant Governing Body
2)   What are your qualifications
3)   Are your Coaches insured PI Insurance
4)   Does the Club have PL insurance
5)   Will I have individual Insurance cover
6)   What equipment do I need
7)   Are you an amateur  body with a constitution or are you a business
8)   How long have you been doing the Sport
9)   What is you competition record
10)                   How long have you been organising the Sport in the town
11)                   What age can they start beware of anyone encouraging children under 5 doing any Martial Art

Our Club Warriors Grappling Academy is an of shoot of the famous Young Judo Club founded in 1957 and answer all the questions above

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