Thursday, May 02, 2013

USA Sambo/Sombo Click my Blog to see video

I have just spoken to Jack Kogan President American Amateur Sambo Federation and he has told me that this weekends FIAS US Open looks like to be the best one ever he has over 250 entries booked in. It seems many countries could not get Visa but even so this a good number with 12 Pan American Countries participating with Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela to name just a few. I think it will be a must for the BSF to send a British Team in the future.

Also I have heard from some of my old friends from the USA Josh Henson, Joe Neally and Curt Shearer. These were the men who started USA Sombo under Josh in the 1980’s, British Team had some good times with AAU in those days. Hopefully they will also be running some small tournaments if they do I will certainly take club members to compete. It would be great to renew old friendships from a time when everyone in Sombo was friends

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