Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Sambo.TV at Europeans?

Many of you have asked why Sambo.TV was not at the European Sambo Championships in Italy. I did not know the answer so I contacted Sambo.TV. You may also be interested in a video clip of the Pan American Congress. Lets hope one day Sambo.TV will visit the British Open

Dear fans of Sambo and visitors of the site!
The leadership of the TV channel SAMBO.TV informs you that there won’t be direct transmission of the championship of Europe of Sambo on the TV channel SAMBO.TV for the reasons that don’t depend from us. The current leadership of European Federation of Sambo tries to block the work of SAMBO.TV.
We phoned repeatedly, wrote letters to European Federation of Sambo about accreditation of our camera crew of SAMBO.TV on the championship of Europe, but all these letters were left without response.
Despite this we sent camera crew of SAMBO.TV to Italy to shoot all events of Sambo that take place in the city of Crema, and also to keep video diaries of the championship of Europe. Also on the Congress of European Federation of Sambo we planned to put a question to discuss why the direct transmission was frustrated again, and the question about access of TV channel SAMBO.TV to all events related with sambo, moreover we concluded active contracts with all principal Federations of Sambo, including All-Russian, European and International and we are the official partner of these Federations.
But on the 17th of May the leadership of European Federation of Sambo didn’t admit our camera crew to work on the Congress of Common Federation of Sambo, trying to chuck out by force our correspondent and cameraman not allowing them to stay even with the camera shut off. Due to the existing practice such situation took place for the first time in 10 years. Before that we shooted Congresses and other events related with sambo, and this had never caused any problems.
See the live commentary.
What does the leadership of European Federation of Sambo conceal from sambo community? Why do they try to get rid off the work of TV channel SAMBO.TV, that popularized actively during all these years this kind of sport and the work of these Federations. We are deeply disturbed by existing situation and also by the fact that they try to destroy the created system of video transmissions not even having created active alternative to replace it. As a result, our kind of sport suffers and we don’t have possibility to observe live competitions and even video records of them.
Despite all attempts of European Federation of Sambo and FIAS directed to liquidation of the channel SAMBO.TV, we would struggle by all legal and juridicial methods to eliminate this lawlessness of current leadership of Federations.
We beg pardon of our permanent audience that wouldn’t be able to watch the direct transmission of the championship of Europe of Sambo.
In our opinion, coverage of sambo events and competitions should be hold by the number as big as possible of TV companies, particularly by the official TV channel SAMBO.TV, because it promotes popularization of Sambo all over the world.
Executive of the TV channel SAMBO.TV Philippov M.V.

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