Tuesday, May 28, 2013

World Wide Sambo

I have just received the email below from Maxim Filippov.

We are slowly seeing the demise of International Sambo and why is because of Power or is it Money? it doesn't seem to be about promoting World Wide Sambo. I have yet to find out the truth, all I know a lot of damage is being done by these rival Russian factions. Sambo.TV has always done an excellent job of promoting Sambo so as the saying goes "If it is not broke why fix it" The BSF is trying to take a neutral stance but get no real support from FIAS who ever runs it. The British Open is nearly upon us and we hope to have relative good turn out but as of today no support from FIAS or ESF

Dear Martin,

We posted official information from Sambo.TV channel about current situation. The live broadcast of European Sambo Championship in Italy again was wrecked.

You can see Official Letter by the following link:

English translation of this letter you can find in the end of the page in PDF Format.

Best regards,

Maxim Filippov
Project Director,

With all the problems there is with FIAS one would have thought some sort of compromise would be achieved but instead we get a circular from Korea calling respected FIAS Personel "Wolves" and making accusations without any content. It like saying to a man "have you beaten your wife?" when there is no suggestion that you have. The Korean President should put online what these people have supposably done rather then say they have made negative comments and are harmfull to FIAS, which means nothing and a detrimental remark without any substance.

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