Friday, May 17, 2013

British Sombo meet British Judo

The British Sombo Federation 
met with the 
British Judo Association
 BSF Chairman Martin Clarke and BSF General Secretary Keith Costa travelled to the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, LONDON, SW1Y 5ED. On the 16 May 2013 to meet with BJA Chairman Kerrith Brown and Andrew Scoular Chief Executive Officer.

BJA is the oldest Martial Arts body in the UK and was the first Combat Discipline to be recognised by the original Sports Council as well as becoming the first Martial Art to be an Olympic Sport  it is an organisation that is respected throughout the World so it was beneficial for the BSF to have a meeting with them as the two Combat Sports, both Jacket Wrestling Styles, have a lot in common.
 Martin and Kerrith had not met for some 30 years both were in the British Judo team together so already there was some common ground. Martin went on to explain some of the history of World and British Sombo then went on to explain the rules both Kerrith and Andrew were very interested in all aspects. Various other topics surrounding Judo and Sombo were discussed, with an agreement to continue the dialogue between the two organisations. Martin commented this was a very useful and instructive meeting and shows that cooperation is the way forward for all Combat Disciplines.

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