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Awards Night



The Awards Dinner Dance was held at the above hotel. The Coniston has been hotel in Sittingbourne for decades but in recent years has been sold on and refurbished. It is now part of the Best Western groups a hotel group I have used this group all over the World for many years. For those who have used the Coniston in the past would be shocked to see the excellent transformation of the old building, it has been transformed form a hotel of the 1950’s to 21 Century one. The night consisted of a 3-course meal, Magician, Wards presentation and Disco. The Venue was superb as were the staff and the food.

Three organisations got together to organise this event, first was the Warriors Grappling Academy/Young Judo Club awards. These two clubs have this annual presentation in January every years but normally in less palatial surrounding, The Young Judo Club was founded in 1957 by John Nobby Clarke 6th Dan and Margret Club the present Club Chairman is Keith Costa 4th Dan, Warriors was formed in 1986 by Martin Clarke Sambo Grandmaster and is now chaired by John Clarke Sambo Master.

 John Clarke made the announcement and the Mayor of Swale Cllr Sue Gent one of our honoured guests, presented the certificates. It was pleasing see the Mayor and her son Cllr Reg Gent staying on after the presentation and enjoying the evening.

Margret Clarke (Oma) awarded to George Loscombe
Players Player awarded to Keith Brown
Coaches Player awarded to Ashley Costa
YJC awarded to Keith Brown
Club Person of year awarded to Blake Southfield

Coach John Clarke was awarded a special shield from all his pupils

Friends of Swale Martial Arts Club awarded to Spitfire/Hawkins

Warriors/Young Judo Club Award Recipients

The British Sombo Federation Awards was up next, Martin Clarke FIAS GrandMaster formed the BSF in 1986 and this was their first Awards Dinner.  Local MP Gordon Henderson a good friend of the Club attendee the event to present the wards. Gordon normally does not do functions on a Saturday but made an exception for us, which was much appreciated. First awards were for Honoured Service to the BSF and the recipients were:

Robin Hyslop,
Keith Costa
Christopher St John
John Clarke
Colin Carrott
Russell Dodds
John Sharpe

BSF Awards 

The BSF also decided to make several people Honorary President they were:

Valerie Clarke
She has always lived in the shadow of her husband and son Martin and John, yet she played an integral part in the formation of the BSF. She was a founding member; holds a 3rd Degree in CombatSombo and for many years was a national Judge plus she travelled on many occasion to help the GB team at World Championships

Val with Mayor

Alan Kontozi
He was one of only 2 international referees the BSF as has had, he qualified at the World Games in London 1985. Since the he has refereed up till 2012 when he retired, for over 20 years he was BSF Treasurer a position he has just returned to. He also was a founding member of the BSF

Robin Hyslop
Robin became involved in the BSF in 1989 when he attended the FIAS European Sambo Championships Herne Bay England. Since then he has competed for GB winning a World Masters Silver, he is the President of Scotland and RedStar Sambo, he was also President of the BSF for a short period. He has travelled the World represent the BSF.

Josh Henson USA
Last but not least if it were not for Josh Henson it would have been difficult to see how the BSF would have matured. In the very beginning even before the BSF was founded Josh would pay many visits to the UK to explain and coach the fundamentals of Sambo, it was he that gave us our first Sambo Jackets, it was he that introduced us to the World Body FIAS, an organisation he came President of. The BSF owe Josh a great deal of gratitude

International Budo Federation UK Long Service Award

The last time the IBF UK held a Presentation Dinner Dance was in 2001 at the same Hotel. Some of those present at that night were here on this occasion to receive a Long Service Award. This award is for IBF members who have had continual membership for over 20 years. John Nobby Clarke established IBF UK 6th Dan in 1973 at that time it was the International arm of the British Judo Council MAC, in 1976 Nobby left the BJC MAC and created a totally independent IBF UK

Long Service Recipients

Colin Carrott 20 years
Kerrie Penfold 20 years
Debbie  Jackson  21 Years
Daniel  Diamond 21 years
David  Diamond 21 years
Danny Carrott 22 years 
Keith  Costa 25 years
Ashley  Costa 27 years
Ken Cassel 31 years
Alan  Kontozi 35 years
John  Clarke   35 years
Robin Hyslop 35 years
Valerie Clarke 35 years
Trevor  Davies 37 years

Ken Cassell is nearly 67 and still trains every Tuesday and contests with all the young ones let’s hope he keeps it up. Trevor Davies our longest servicing member was one of Presidents Martin Clarke first pupils to be trained to 1st Dan; he is now a 6th Dan and still coaches Faversham Judo Club

A very old friend of the IBF Tom Starling Junior presented Martin and John Clarke with a special plaque to celebrate their contribution to the IBF. Tom who is the UK Rep for IBF Jiu Jitsu has known the Clarke Family since he was a boy; his father Tom Senior was a personal friend of Nobby and Margret Clarke, attending many Summer Camps. Tom Senior is a 10th Dan Jiu Jitsu and still teaches

Tom Starling with Clarkes and MP

The evening finished with people doing silly Dances and enjoying a lot of Beer Waza

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