Tuesday, January 07, 2014

IBF Annual Judo Meeting

IBF Coaches Meeting
First Sunday in Jan every year for the coaches meeting. If you’re not there should you have an opinion and vote?
Complaints about rumours going around JC said it has to stop or the complaints will be dealt with through the committee.
Performance review, come back and view to see what worked and what didn’t work etc and why?  
Revalidation in Sittingbourne Sunday 6th Jan 2015
RULES and the I.F.B
Do we continue to follow I.J.F rules or do we adopt our own version?
Discussion about new rules and the old and what we think about them, should we follow them?
Tournament holder to have their own rules or follow IJF rules.
Doesn’t affect the insurance if you change the rules.
Will the rules then confuse younger kids? Being able to do some moves in one comp and then not being able to do them in another comp. Will this affect the development of the kids.
Bring back old rules! Everyone votes for that for adults only. 
Rules should be on entry forms to prevent confusion.
Referee courses for little ones, gets it in their heads so they know for themselves, a good way to develop their knowledge.
IBF has no head referee, do we need one?
Miles Brown was appointed head referee with the help of Colin Carrott.
Coaches need to ring Miles to see if he is around for their tournament, Miles will need everyone’s email address and numbers so he can contact you to see if you are available to referee that day.
Need to make sure there is water for the refs, tea, coffee bit of food etc.
Should Miles get expenses, shouldn’t be out of pocket.
Depending on how big the comp is should there be one mat or two, should there just be one ref or more? Depending on the size of the tournament determines how many refs.
Tournament £15, isn’t a lot for what the overall cost of the tournament will be, swallows near on £2000. So really £15 isn’t a lot of money for what you get. Most places charge more anyway.
All coaches should be first aid trained. For insurance policies do you need St. Johns ambulance there? Any problems with this contact Martin Clarke he will have the answers.
Any questions about time keeping Greg and Margret will be the one to ask.
If you are at a comp you will be there all day if you don’t hang around to get your medal you won’t be getting it. Medal at the end or after each section?
Vote do we do 1pm stop then medals or once the weight group has finished or do we do all the medals at the end?
2 medals presentations or 1?
IBF decided to have 2 medal presentations one half way through one at the end.
Dan Grading
Should a Dan Grade need to be qualified referee, time keeper or coach? As a coach you should know the rules inside out.
Vote: Dan grade not include referring or coaching etc.
Own club grading or area grading, has to be a regular thing will people travel? Vote decides that you have grading in your own club.
Every club needs to commit to one or two tournaments a year you all need to support one another.
Folkestone: Sunday 3rd August
Faversham: End of April awaiting date
Bedford: 16th Feb judo
Sittingbourne: Sunday 23rd march (swallows) awaiting more dates. Open event
Trever and Greg are running a kata course, if you fail the course you will then have to show it at grading.
Nag no kata is going to stay for 1st Dan and we allow you to choice ne waza instead if you wish.
Only one Dan grade, there is no such thing a theory or contest Dan grade any more.
Open fight night Last Sunday of every month at Sittingbourne for kids only.
Dress code at judo comps.
Ref black trousers white polo top and for women a blouse if they prefer.
Competitors need clean, non-torn fitting uniform.
Support each other in the IBF we are all part of the same Association.
 IBF multination’s Holland May awaiting date.
Many thanks to all that turn up I thought it was a very successfully rewarding meeting, I look forward to seeing all the above points being put into place over the coming year.
John Clarke
5th Dan Head of the IBF committee 

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