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British Sombo Chairmans Report 2013

BSF 2013 Chairman’s Report Martin Clarke

2013 has been a very unusual Year for the BSF at the beginning of the year saw a lot of International Politics going on with FIAS, which sadly infringed on the running of the BSF. I was very forthright in my opinions on what was happening in FIAS and there attitude to the BSF because of this the BSF EC suggested that I swop my job as BSF President with the BSF Chairman Robin Hyslop. The position of President was a much more ceremonial position, it was felt that Robin would be less antagonistic to the FIAS President and his EC when attending major events.
Things were to change rather rapidly in May and June a rival FIAS led by Michel Shultz, Jack Kogan and David Rudman was formed and the BSF were asked to send representative to a World Congress on the Development of Sambo World Wide. It was decided that neither the President nor Chairman should attend this event instead we sent Committee members John Sharpe and Russell Dodds to Malaysia at the expense of this new group as observers with no voting rights. Sadly the Congress turned out to be a cover to vote in a new President and FIAS EC. This was completely unconstitutional. This confirmed the BSF position in abiding by the FIAS STATUTES. Although I and other BSF EC members had sympathy with these rebels, in fact all were friends it was not the right direction to go in.
I continued with my complaints and was surprised when FIAS President Shestakov asked for a meeting in London just before he met Prime Minister Cameron. Tim Lewin of The Positive Russia Foundation brokered the meeting, at this meeting many things were discussed and it was soon to become apparent that a lot of misinformation had been fed to the BSF causing unnecessary friction between the BSF and FIAS. It was pleasing to say this meeting was a great success with many practical achievements, a team of 7 coaches would be sent to Russia at the expense of FIAS plus a team of 12 would attend the World Championships in St Petersburg again at the expense of FIAS., plus the BSF were to receive to International Size Sambo Mats which have arrived and are stored at Bedford. Also in attendance was Lord Simon Reading President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association. It was also agreed that the BSF would work with Andrew Moshanov FIAS Technical Officer. This was accepted with reservation but since that meeting both the BSF and Andrew Moshanov have put their differences behind them and now working together in perfect harmony for the betterment of International Sambo

Details of the FIAS Congress, which was attended by myself, and Keith Costa can be seen at

Also a report on the World Championships can be seen at






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