Monday, January 27, 2014


British Sombo Federation

A full set of the minutes will be sent to all Affiliated Associations
The following is an abridged version of the BSF AGM January 18th 2014 held at the Coniston Hotel Sittingbourne

The meeting started with the Chairman Martin Clarke opening the meeting with various reports given by the EC, Chairman’s reports can be seen below

There were several changes to the Constitution

1)   President and Chairman would become one position
2)   Home Country Presidents would automatically have a place on the Executive Committee
The following were elected

President/Chairman Martin Clarke
Vice President Russell Dodds
Secretary Keith Costa
Treasurer Alan Kontozi
Committee Member Colin Carrott, John Clarke, Darren Richardson, Scottish President Robin Hyslop, English President Russell Dodds, N Ireland President Chris St John, Welsh President this was left vacant as at present we do not have any Welsh Federation

3)   Two new associations were confirmed as members they were: Russian All Style Fighting and United Kingdom Sambo Association, renewing their membership were N Ireland Sombo Federation, English Sombo Federation, Scottish Sombo Federation, British CombatSombo Association, Federation of Russian Martial Arts Association, RedStar Sambo, Sombo Union of Great Britain. This is our biggest membership to date and we hope to have a Welsh Federation in the near future
4)   With the amount of immigrants in the UK a decision was made on who can represent GB. This was discussed at great length with the following being accepted. Must hold British Passport and been a resident in the UK for a minimum of 1 year, those with dual passports must give up their right to compete for their Home country. If they have competed for their Home Country they will have to wait 2 years since their last International before competing for the UK. BSF will contact their Home Country Association and FIAS for written confirmation

5)   The position of National Coach for Sambo and Combat Sambo has been abolished and is replaced by United Kingdom Director of Coaching Sambo, United Kingdom Director of Coaching Combat Sambo. The appointments for Sambo John Clarke Combat Sambo Darren Richardson, these people will be responsible for selecting a Committee. They and their committee will be responsible for promoting Coaching events, selecting International Teams and training Referees
6)   Sadly a Combat Sambo Player has been suspended for 2 years for misconduct, this is the first time the BSF has had to do this
7)   The President and Secretary will be attending a Meeting on January 27th in London with FIAS President Shestakov and commonwealth Sambo Association President Lord Reading to sign a document of intent with regard to the Presidents Cup
8)   President Martin Clarke recommended that all home countries affiliate to the Commonwealth Sambo Association
9)   Members were expected to support the British Open
10)                  In future all BSF sanctioned events will be expected to pay a fee of £50
11)                  In all BSF sanctioned events all competitor over the age of 12 will be expect attire i.e correct Sambo shoes, Red and Blue shorts plain colour no writing , Red and Blue Sombo Jackets or Reversible. With regard to Combat Sambo Red and Blue safety equipment is recommended but neutral colours like white and black will be allowed

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