Thursday, May 27, 2010


Over recent year we have had a plethora of Strike and Grapple Martial Arts especially from the Ex Soviet Union. The most popular is Combat Sambo/Sambo Combat organised by the World Governing Body FIAS a rival in Russia I recently got criticized because I called them second rate yet I stand by my what I said 1) They are not members of the World Recognised body 2) There is very little safety equipment worn by this rival group 3) In fact they do not have to wear standard equipment i.e. some wear Sambo Boots some do not. My critic suggested he preferred the Non Affiliated group because they allow more ground work, he obviously comes from a Non Throwing background I do not my background is Judo and Sambo/Sombo Wrestling both emphasise big throws maybe harder to do and more physical but that is what I enjoy. In fact that what drew me to Sombo was its emphasis on throwing when I started Sombo/Sambo in the early 1970’s all there was the Wrestling side and you got scores for throwing and the only floor work was arm locks and leg locks, at the time Sambo was one of the FILA recognised disciplines of free Style, Greco Roman and Sambo, because Sambo was the smaller sport they had to accept hold downs to appease the other wrestlers. I WAS LICKY ENOUGH TO MEET SOME Ex soviets who actually trained with the founders of Sambo and they told me the following : Sambo was devised for Soldiers so they win in battle, they were taught to throw there opponent hard and fast, break and arm or leg an injured soldier would need another to help him. They brought this attitude to the competition arena, they said if you rolled around the ground with your assailant in Battle or on the street you were vulnerable. When Combat Sambo was introduced many years later these criteria held fast now that may not be to the liking of many MMA fighters but that is what it is
I had this as well from a Russian Fist Fighter wasnt martin slateing combat sambo (2 words) just in his blog?
saying its to brutal?
maybe his team...' the warriors' will be fighting in the fias one this year? last i saw poor danny carrott ( who is a good wrestler and top guy) be thrown into combat sambo, within second had his nose broken! He sarcastically asked why was there no World Sport CombatSombo Championships, knowing full well we only managed to negoiate Insurance Cover this year

.There is no World CombatSombo Championships yet but numbers are improving especially in the States so maybe next year I will have an International for our members. Yes I made a mistake putting Danny into the Combat Sambo in France I thought it was a Novice Competition. With regard to FIAS Worlds The BSF will be more selective of who we allow to represent GB this year Lee Till will be our only Representative no one else is in GB is of a standard and we want representatives who do not embarrass us and who are fit enough to fight
Any sport that allows kicks to the groin and repeated pouches to the head whilst on the ground is brutal and barbaric and as President of the governing body I have to be guided by UK Sport and Insurance companies. Sport CombatSombo is a watered down version which meets the requirements of UK Sport and the Insurance Company. We will be having our Comp in July for our members only that way I know they are insured and know the rules, Health and Safety is a must.
I have made my case clear to the FIAS Committee sadly they do not agree with me but will talk to them again at the FIAS Council meeting
Some of the other systems with maybe the exception of Ukrainian Hand To Hand leave a lot to be disered have a look at the clips

Where is the control or sport expect Fist Fighter will love this

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