Monday, May 03, 2010

Paul Sawyer wins BJA Ne Waza Comp

The BJA Ne Waza good event with about 150 taking part, the veteran’s event included some new faces not previously seen on the mainstream vet’s circuit who clearly were keen & in many cases skilful Ne Waza men. The same was probably true of the seniors although there were not the familiar competitors. The refs let the matches flow sensibly in most cases (although I got matte called whilst straightening the arm for juji gatame on one occasion! To be fair the corner judges said to me afterwards the (inexperienced) ref had made a mistake). It was new for refs & competitors so there was a good spirit of support all round & decisions were accepted with good grace. Everyone enjoyed the event & looked forward to more.
Paul thinks with the severely limited time allowed in ne waza now it’s in danger of becoming a lost art & I think there is a good case for ne waza only events such as this. They can easily be run in a club environment & don’t need much space (although the BJA insisted H Wycombe used full contest areas – probably insurance?). Also there are people like me who can no longer compete/train in tachi waza but enjoy competition & would take part in this type of event. I look forward to the IBF ne waza open!

Paul won vets 66k & seniors 66k (there were originally 4 senior u66k but 2 no showed & 1 pulled out injured after I had armlocked him so I fought with the u73k winning 2 & losing 2)
Paul is very honest in his summary of his results he did not over exaggerate his result wish other Grapplers were the same Well done Paul. Grappling UK will be running a back to back groundwork competition but will include leglocks

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