Monday, May 10, 2010

A reply from the American

Its only been a couple of hours and the replies have phenomenal, most ask why I replied to the American and why get worked up, well to answer that I am not I just enjoy a good debate, those who know me will know that especially when it comes to politics. I have said I will give Steve the right to answer which I have done; he invited me on to his discussion site but I have refused my experience with them they only end up as a slanging match and people threading inaccurate statements
Can I quote one Email I have not given the name because it was private: well my friend
you have to much time on your hand or you would not have bothered with all this miss-information they are trying to mix words with a master! Although I´m out cannot stand the petty politics any more- it is a shame such a great sport suffers so. For all complaints you are still trying to keep it alive in UK. This was much appreciated and from some one not far of my age

So I will reply to Martin's comments regarding me directly:

1) He asks if he should market like I do (I assume he means the ASA). My answer is simple. Yes, he should. Why not? The ASA has done very well promoting and spreading sambo in the US. Our growth in 7 years has been fantastic.
MC:But it yet to catch up with the numbers Josh Henson Had

2) He claims he has the ability to multi-task all his various organizations without having sambo in the UK suffer. Fine, I can't say whether he can or can't. I am not in the UK and I am not Martin. If he feels he can do justice to sambo while simultaneously managing all his other projects, more power to him.
MC:Thank you but really thanks should go to the Various associations I am with

3) He admits his website is amateurish, but blames lack of funds to hire a web designer...and the fact that he does it himself. We all lack funds these days. But we are all not multi-tasking as Martin says he can do without having sombo in the UK suffer. My suggestion would to be to concentrate resources and get a solid professional website up and running for UK sambo.
MC:In your attack on me about the web site you said it was not up to date? I have just been on your ASA web site and it states that it last up dated in January 2010

4) Martin clearly does not undertand my use of the word "oxymoron". The definition is: "a combination of contradictory or incongruous words".
( MC:Oxford University Press is where I got my info from
Thus, I am not calling him foolish. I am saying that it is not congruous to speak politics in a formal BSF article of the event.

5) Martin asks if WWG would be such a venue to discuss politics. My answer, yes. WWG is an open discussion forum. We do not post political discussions on our ASA website.

6) Martin agrees apparently that it is insulting to call new players "cannon fodder" in his article but, feels it is fine because it is true. It may or may not be true, MC: which one is it but it is still IMO insulting and not encouraging to new players who may be on the fence about continuing sambo. Such comments IMO are not appropriate for an official governing body report.
MC:But you forget to say that I run many tournaments suitable for Novices, gone are the days when a completely inexperienced players enters the British, the health and Safety issues would be tremendous

7) Martin agrees that his article is self serving and feels that it should be and says he was criticized for making public comments. No, he was not criticized for speaking publically. It was the nature of the comments. I don't think he understood the word "self". Yes, his article serves himself (Martin Clarke), not the BSF or sambo as a whole in the UK. This was my point.
MC:So an article on the British Sombo Championships does not benefit BSF or Sombo interesting?

8) Martin asks if I had been informed about the numbers of past events via e-mail. No, I have not. However, one look at event results from past years listed on his website, compared to this year's results, and it is clear numbers are down.

9) Regarding the Martin Clarke Flag, which Martin feels was appropriate as it was his logo and he was sponsor. Ok, fine. Was it "Martin Clarke" who was the sponsor? Or was it the BSF? Where was the FIAS flag? The UK Sombo flag? The BSF flag? Were you the sponsor or was your organization the sponsor? There is a difference. And, regardless, I still find it egotistical and funny. Again...self serving for Martin Clarke, not sambo in the UK.
MC:If you looked you would have seen the BSF Banner on the wall were you not aware that this was the BSF British Open? On the entry form it said the British Sombo Federation present

10) Regarding Anthony's match. Yes, Anthony lost 12-0 to a very skilled thrower (your guy). And he still may have lost. Danny was VERY good. However, if you take into consideration your open statements about being concerned about Anthony's grappling as well as compare how long Anthony was given to secure the armbar against Sharpe (1:24 of video 1) and how quickly he was stood up with Danny (2:27 of video 1), how can you disagree that there was a discrepency in refereeing? Anthony had the arm hooked, one leg hook in, and the second leg ready to go, yet he was stood up. I would also ask why Danny was allowed to score a pin against Anthony with a scarf hold when other fighters were not as in this clip with Doug when he had to change from scarf to sidemount in order to score a pin (:44 of video 2

MC:Once you have been the sport as long as I have you may learn to take defeat gracefully

Noticed no comments on the history?

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