Saturday, May 22, 2010


After the successful IBF Multi Nation Judo Championships at Hasting I have been riding on a high especially after the poor turn out at the British Sombo Championships and the snide remarks but things seem to get better. Because on Saturday I met two very nice gentleman from Herne Bay and Dover there name were Shane Burr and Lee Whittington they popped into my Dojo in Sittingbourne to promote their RINGMASTERS Thai Boxing-Kickboxing-MMA event on Saturday 28th August.
Instead of the normal what we do is better then anything else you have seen, they came along and were prepared to listen and compare notes with me and my Son John a rather unique thing in the Combat world especially with people who do MMA. These lads not only specialise in the above discipline having amateur and professional fighter but they also do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, for those who have seen my CV they will see I have done many Combat Sports but my main interest has been the various forms of Jacket Wrestling so the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was of great interest to me. The meeting has led to us taking some of our Sombo and Judo Players to there session on a Wednesday night in about 3 weeks time, they tell me they get up to 50 players I do not know of any Judo Club with that type of numbers, hopefully the exchange will eventually lead to us having a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu section at the Swale Martial arts Club Dojo in Sittingbourne and even putting a few lads in to their MMA tournaments.
It was pleasure to meet these guys and puts back my faith into meeting Grapplers from different styles. If you are interested their competition go to sadly I will have to miss this one as it is the end of the Summer Camp and Grading day

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