Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Forthcoming events

Forthcoming Events
GrapplingUK-British CombatSombo Association-PankrationUK Members
1st British Semi Contact PANKRATION & Sport CombatSombo Championship
Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne
Sunday July 4th 10.00am
Men over 16 years
Full entry Form at

British Junior Sombo Championship & Junior Pankration Wrestling Championship
Swale Martial Arts Club
July 11th 2010
Boys and Girls
Age 8 years to 11 years - 12, 13, 15 years
Competitors will be matched
Competitors can wear correct Sombo Kit (we have a limited amount for sale) or they can wear Judo Jacket with Black shorts Baseball boots or Wrestling boots are allowed
Pankartion White Judo Trousers and Rugby Shirt or similar

August 22nd Jacket Wrestling Competition Dibgate Folkestone

December 5th BCSA British Closed Sombo Championships
Jack and No Jacket Juniors & Seniors

June 20th International Kurash Tournament Sittingbourne

July 24th Scottish Open Judo & Sombo

October 22 till 25 World Masters Sombo Prague
October 10th English Sombo Federation Closed Sittingbourne
Junior & Senior
October World Pankration Poland
November Pankration
November 4th till 8th World Sambo & Sambo Combat Uzbekistan

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