Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sorry this was a boring match

I am pleased to say I have sorted out my differences with Steve Koepfer (the American)and he rightly pointed out that he was not the only one to Criticise me Darren Richardson also enjoyed knocking myself and the British Sombo Federation but we are used to that from Darren.

Frenchman Gael Coadic sent me a Grappling Video and asked for a comment
I replied "this bored me to tears" sorry to say this was not what expected he then sent me the following

Martin; you probably don"t know but this is a fight sport and it"s called "Grappling" !
It doesn't matter what you Wear to fight but, yes, it's boring; it's not a dancing show and it's always boring when you know nothing about fighting technics.
Goodbye Martin

Grappling is a generic term but why is it as soon as you do not agree with someone they insult you I have had 55 years in all sorts of grappling sports with and with out Jackets

I found this match boring as the standard of the two players was not very high any decent Olympic FreeStyle Wrestler would have beaten them. Yet I expect the two fighters enjoyed the tussle and fought their best and some of their entourage enjoyed the event

I do not like events that do not have a regulated attire as make the whole event look scruffy plus there can be safety issues.

I run Ground fighting competitions because i know some of my members enjoy them especially those who can not take throws I much prefer the Jacket Ground fighting as it adds more techniques with the use of the jacket

Most of my competitions have a mixture of points for throwing and holds plus submissions my favourite is jacket Grappling but then as world medallist in Sambo and World masters Judo Champion I would say that

The best thing about grappling sports is its diversity but you do not have to enjoy all them and some in your mind maybe boring .

Can you now let me have your real name , your age and your competition record then we can all judge who would be the better to comment on knowledge of Fighting Techniques
I have posted the video on my face book site

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