Friday, September 28, 2012

68 still training

Recently Combat Sambo instructor Michael Hutchinson started a Combat Fitness Class at the Swale Martial Arts Club in East Street Sittingbourne. The concept being using the exercise and equipment regime 0f things like Sombo, Judo, MMA etc. and it have proved very popular. Yet the main reason why I am writing this article is that Judo 4th Dan Alan Kontozi has started in the class and? Well Alan is 68 years old proving that age is not a problem when it comes to getting fit. I asked Alan why he started this and he said at 68 he did not want thrown by the young bloods but wanted something that kept him involved with Judo, Sombo after all he was one of the founder members of the British Sombo Federation back in 1986. Well done Alan and inspiration to all

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