Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cost of Training

I had a rather interesting conversation today with a father off three young children about someone teaching MMA his children are 6,7,8. They have been participating in MMA for 4 weeks which is 1 hour a week at a cost of £75 pcm
He has continual texts from the Instructor wanting more money as they were expected to take a grading this coming weekend at a cost of £50 per child plus insurance cover plus they must have a £5 badge for each child otherwise they can not take part.
When I questioned him what they were doing in MMA he told me they were in lines kicking and punching yes a form of Karate. In turn I found out that he is teaching a form of Karate. No it is not my job to question other peoples pricing structure or their interpretation of MMA (Mixed Martial Art)

So I told him what we do at the Swale Martial Club we do MMA Submission Wrestling and MMA Strike and Grapple but the starting age is normally 14. We do suggest that children of the age mention start in Judo something with some history and with our Young Judo Club, which again has history it, was founded in 1957. I then went on to explain our membership fees which is for a family of 3 £45 on Standing Order pcm for this they can train 3 times a week, there is a joining fee of £30 this includes membership to the Club, International Budo Federation and includes insurance, we also loan Judogi until they decide they want to stay, membership is payable for 3 weeks. Our Junior Grading Fee is £5 or £10 if it is a grading course.

Your Opinion would be welcome and No I am not going to tell you where the club is.

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