Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome Birmingham BCSA

On Sunday 23 September the third Combat Sambo course was held.
This time in Birmingham with 10 very experience high standard Kick and Thai boxers, they also had a very good grounding in grapple and strike formats and BJJ back ground.
The six hour course started after an intro and explanation as to the rules, dress code etc.
Due to the fact that the students on the course had a vast knowledge on striking then slight changes were made, all 10 students soon adapted to this, with changes in footwork after striking moving into throws and aspects of the ground game.
It was a pleasure coaching people some with over 30 years experience in Martial Arts, who still had a hunger for more knowledge.
After 5 hours of intense work, it was the time to put the students to the test of Instructing, this they all did with great attitude, correcting any mistakes made on the way.
The following 10 students have passed with flying colours and will be a big asset in the future development of Combat Sambo in the UK.

Andrew Hennessy Level 1
Brian Smith Level 1
Brad Hennessy Level 1
Dane Hennessy Level 1
Stephen Hingley Level 1
Ken Bull Level 1
Shaun Willis Level 1
Simon Price Level 1
Stephen Cooper Level 1
Liam Felton Level 1

Feed back from the course was very good, with a Level 2 course wanted before the end of the year.
Comments made,
Even my finger tips hurt, Its years since I ached this much love it, its easier to say which bits don't ache, it even hurts when I breath, A GREAT DAY.

Well done and we welcome the West Midlands into the BSF.

I would like to thank my grandson Danny for giving up his Sunday and taking all the pounding from granddad.

Report by
Allan Clarkin BSF Combat Sambo National Coach.

A new club in Yorkshire coming soon, also with vast experience.

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