Friday, September 07, 2012

Combat Sambo Instructors Course

The second course for Full Contact Sombo (Combat Sambo) and SportCombatSombo, was held in Burnley on the 2 September.
This course was for Level 1 and Level 2, 5 were doing Level 1 and 5 were on Level 2, those on the Level 2 are the first in the country.
Course contact covers movement to develop foot work so fighters can move in and out of range, for kicks, punches, knees, elbows into throwing range, pads drills cover basic and combination hand skills, knees, elbows, kicks, blocks etc.
Pads, kick-shields and Thai pads were put to good use for developing fitness and striking power.
Grappling dummies in combination with punch-bags, so fighters could move within a second from stand up to ground striking.
Circuit training, kettle bells and other aids for building strength and muscular endurance also explosive striking.
An explanation was given to the difference in the formats what can and cant be done.
We now have 3 formats on offer ranging from Semi Contact NO HEAD STRIKES, this will develop skills for moving from strike range to throw grapple range. This format start from 15 years upwards.
This is know as SportCombatSombo Semi Contact.
The format that has been running for some time with head strikes included, but NO HEAD STRIKES ON THE GROUND, also with the head guard with the grille. This format is for 18 years up.
This is know as SportCombatSombo Heavy Contact.
We now have the FULL FIAS INTERNATIONAL RULES up and running in the UK, all is governed by the FIAS rules for strikes permitted, safety equipment required, also the age of competitors.
The five students working for Level 1 had to take a great deal on board, then show they had taken it on board, by teaching a fellow student for 15 mins covering a little but all aspects of what was shown to them on the day. Whilst this was happening they were receiving marks for all aspects of instruction. Then a short written test.
I am pleased to say they all passed with very good marks.
An important part was to explain the importance of correct gloves and head guards, also the difference in gloves and head guards as used in the different formats.
Those on Level 2 covered the next three grades in the syllabus, with more advanced combinations, they also had a recap on the first three grades.
Level 2 students were made aware of the new changes to the formats. As this was a step up in class then an understanding of referee singles and to be learnt and later was part of the written test with 10 different singles given and the students had to put down what they were.
Two methods of hand wrapping was shown so they could rap hands of students to protect the hands from damage in heavy striking.
Both methods have to be done correctly by those on Level 2 as they have to rap a students hands.
With all this extra knowledge on board those on the Level 2 take it away and have to plan and then give a one hour class, showing correct warm up, pad drills, throw skill development, correcting mistakes by students and being able to control and explain all, to a class.

Level 1 passes
Russell Dodds
Ryan Trebilcock
Danny Trebilcock
Nathan Jackson
Tanwir Kazimi

Level 2 written, hand raps, practical
Danny Clarkin, written passed, hand raps passed, practical instructing to follow
Ben Whitehead, written passed, hand raps passed, practical instructing to follow
Andrew Ashworth, written passed, hand raps to follow, practical instructing to follow
Emma Reid, written passed, hand raps to follow, practical instructing to follow
Diane Hawkins, written passed, hand raps to follow, practical instructing to follow

Level 1 has to be passed before moving onto Level 2 and before moving onto Level 3 Instructors have to be running a club. Lets expand.

Thank you to all those that attended this second course, you were all easy to work with and you all took the knowledge on board well. I hope to see some in the not to distant future and see many more new faces on the courses so we can grow.

ps only 9 in photo

Allan Clarkin

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