Monday, September 24, 2012


To those in South Africa, Australia and USA who have just passed the Classical Martial Arts Society Camcorder Grading in Judo Karate and Jiu Jitsu

What is the Classical Martial Arts Society?
We are an Examination Board specializing in awarding Grades in Classical Martial Arts
Who are the Examiners?
The Examination Board is headed by Englishman Martin Clarke 8th Dan Click to see his CV. He appoints experts from the International Martial Arts World to examine each candidate.
Is CMAS linked to any organisation?
No we are completely independent a CMAS qualification can be used as proof when joining the organisation of your choice that you have completed an examination and reached a certain standard
How to do I get examined?
You first contact us giving details of what Martial art you wished to be graded in. You will be expected to supply us with full details of yourself with a photograph; you will be expected to tell us how long you have been studying the Martial Art you wish to be examined in. You can supply your own syllabus which we will evaluate to see if it meets our criteria or we can supply you with a Syllabus.
Can you examine those wishing to take Competitive Grades?
No you would be expected to join an organisation that would have certain criteria for competitive grades.
How much does an examination cost?
This depends on what grade you are wishing to be graded in, there is once only fee for each grade if you fail for example a 1st Dan you can keep retaking that exam till you pass or give up.

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