Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sombo Instructors Course

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Sombo Instructors Course

Level 1

BSF Sombo Centre of Excellence
127 East Street
Kent ME10 4BL

Saturday October 27th
12 noon till 5pm

Cost £40

This course is designed to take Sombo Novice to Green Belt Standard and ascertain whether the pupils will make Sombo Instructor Level 1 standard. The purpose of the course is to encourage more people to take up Sombo.

You do not need experience in Sombo to do the course but Martial Arts Knowledge is essential and is advantage if you have knowledge of Grappling Skills. If you are Coaching/Teaching other sports this would be a great help to you.

You will be taught Throwing Techniques, Ground Work, Arm and leg Locks, Counters and Combinations plus an introduction to Sombo Rules.

You must hold a British CombatSombo Association License for this course, which is recognised by the British Sombo Federation the governing body for Sombo in the UK.

The cost of the Level 1 exam is £10, which will include grading to Green Belt Level. Those wishing to grade higher need to contact HQ for details and price

Course Instructors:
 John Clarke BSF National Coach
Colin Carrott BSF Senior Referee

Entries with name, address, email to the above address cheques payable BCSA
Closing date October 20th

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