Monday, September 10, 2012

Mixed Style Sambo

New Club and Style join IBF/BCSA
Oleg Sibilev & Mixed Style Sambo

Oleg originally comes from Russia where he competed at Sambo and later Combat Sambo. He not only studied the Sporting aspect of Sambo but also Self Defence side of the style.

Oleg is qualified as a black belt in the British and Russian Judo Associations and has over multiple years’ experience in Combat Sambo which he was thought by two instructors who also trained Police and Special Ops units.
He has been well involved in Judo since 1981 and started off his training at the Metalurg Olympic Reserve Judo club in the USSR.
He has competed in many major Judo events around the USSR managing to win medals in the majority of competitions he was entered in and has fought in a national
Combat Sambo tournament were he claimed 1st place in his state. he was allowed to join the British CombatSombo Association he to present us with a syllabus and proof of his ability not only does he practice Sambo, Combat Sambo but is also a Black Belt in Judo.
He now runs a Club at the Nemesis Gym Erith Kent and is assisted by Sambo practitioner and Kung Fu Black Belt Michael Thompson
What is Mixed Style Sambo?
Mixed Style Sambo is based on Combat Sambo, a style of fighting which was originally developed for Russian Special Forces and the police
Combat Sambo is divided into different styles of fighting such as kickboxing, wrestling and self-defence against knifes, blunt objects and firearms. The techniques in Mixed Style Sambo have been specially chosen from Combat Sambo to ensure the most effective method of fighting when dealing with any type opponent or getting yourself out of a life threatening situation.



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