Monday, September 17, 2012

Red Star Sambo


In the early part of this year a group tried to form a Commonwealth Sambo Association. The British Sombo Federation reluctantly participated in the original meeting, although they thought the idea was good it was the practical implication that bothered them. Would Sombo Players come from the entire Commonwealth? it was doubtful especially as most receive no government funding. The BSF wanted to prove they were prepared to give this concept a go and support, so they organised the first Commonwealth Championship. As expected the only countries wishing to participate were countries from the UK. So the event was cancelled and Robin Hyslop offered to run a Red Star Sambo event.

Although this was in a top class venue the DG Centre Dumfries it did not get the numbers we had hoped for. It did get a player from the USA and the European Sambo Federation sent over a highly rate Player/Coach from Russia which I believe showed their confidence in the BSF. The low entry was down to many factor many thought that when we cancelled the Commonwealth there was no event, a major accident on the M6 stopped many from Manchester, Liverpool, Bedford, London and Kent coming and those who did make it were several hours late, to late to enter.  Never the less it was still good event and thanks to Robin Hyslop and Red Star Sambo for putting on the event.

Rumour has it a Limited Company calling itself the Commonwealth Sambo Association has been formed; the British Sombo Federation has no knowledge of this new business but will wait with interest to see how this business works and what its aims are.

Robin will be sending in a report on the event with photographs

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