Sunday, September 30, 2012

Special Day for Keith

It was a special Day Saturday 29th September at the Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne. The Young Judo Club established in 1957 and one of the oldest Judo Clubs in the country held a Judo competition to raise money for the MS Society as per usual it was Keith Costa who organised the event. Keith is the main stay of the Young Judo Club organising not just charity events but travels the country taking charge of Judo, Kurash and Sombo event along with his wife who has sever MS. Plus he coaches Judo 3 nights a week and collects waste paper for funds for the club. Some months ago John Clarke 5th Dan approached the International Budo Federation about having Keith promoted from 3rd Dan to 4th Dan Black Belt which they agreed. So on Saturday in front of all the people at the club he was presented with his 4th Dan certificate, Keith can be quite an emotional person and some say he was completely shocked by the award, it was even suggested that there was a hint of a tear in his eyes.

Most people who do Judo have to go through a tough examination process before they get promoted but occasional honorary awards are given to people who have given outstanding and long service to Judo this was the case with Keith

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